1990 Vegan Living | nothing but good food




In Berlin’s east, in the Friedrichshain area, you’ll find this authentic Vietnamese restaurants since 1990. In 1990, there was not much meat, so they had to about other delicious and vegan alternatives. The Vietnamese diet is known for its long lifespan and is based on fresh produce and exotic spices, which makes many delicious vegan dishes. So a wonderful place was created for good food.



Because it was a very sunny day when we were visiting 1990 Vegan Living, we took a seat outside on their terrace. Thereby, we ordered two freshly made ice tea. The drinks were very refreshing and fruity.



While I was staring at their menu, the first thing that came up my mind that I find it very cheap. There is a list of all kind of vegan dishes that are 3,50 euro. Thereby, you are able to order bigger portions for 7,50 euro. Second thing that came up is that I have never tasted like half of their menu. So that made me decide to order as many as we liked in little bowls. We ordered over 10 items + rice and noodles. When the food arrived we were very surprised. One of their main ingredients was the tofu. But it was prepared is so many different ways that it wasn’t boring. In matter of fact, the dishes were very tasteful and full of colors. The big plates with all kind of these small bowls is a great view on the table. I will suggest everybody who is in Berlin, to try this 1990 Vegan Life at least once. It a good mindset to some people to just realize that there are so many ways to prepare food without fish or meat. I will be back for sure when I will visit Berlin again!