Antwerp | best hotspots of Antwerp

Off to Antwerp!

One of my favorite city trips in Europe. Because it is just an hour and a half from Haarlem. The people are friendly and tidy. It is a beautiful city to walk through. The shops are pleasant and the restaurants are tasty and fancy at the same time. A good reason to go out every now and then. And the nice thing is that I really have the idea of ​​being on a mini vacation. People speak the same language and the rules do not differ much from the Netherlands


Brunch hotspot | Maurice Coffee & Knits

 Maurice Coffee & Knits is so much more than just a coffee bar. The inspiration for this spot was the owner’s grandpa. It’s a spot where coffee and knits come together. Not only is this a very inspiring location to meet up with friends, they also have the very best brunches during the weekend! Think fresh juices, soldier eggs (so cute!), granola yogurt, croissants and great coffee. It was such a great start of our day. I will come back here for sure.
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Lunch hotspot | Barchel

Food meets interieur. This place is amazing for foodies who also loves interior likes these. Just a few minutes from the city center of Antwerp, you’ll find this spot. It will catch your interest when passing by. It’s an amazing clean building in front of a busy street. It is the perfect city escape from chaotic. A good looking interior combined with soul food. Doesn’t that sounds awesome? If you are a soup lover, a sucker for carrot cake or just a big fan of sandwiches, you can eat your heart out! You will taste their pure ingredients and that’s what we love the most now-a-days. No added sugars, taste makers or anything else that doesn’t belong there. Well done Barchel, until next time!

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Cake hotspot | Juliette

Once in a while, I visit Antwerp with my friends. It’s close by where I am from, it’s easy to reach and just different then the Netherlands. A little city escape. Juliette is a place were I always have to stop for some powerfood. And by powerfood, I mean cake! Carrotcake! This place is located in a street you wanna start your day in! Not only do they have a big assortment of cakes, they also serve you freshly maked salads and all kind of sandwiches and quiches. Yehesss!

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