Benji’s | the urban jungle


Benji’s, the urban jungle. A place I’ve passed so many times when visiting Amsterdam, a place that was on my to-go-list for so long.. for one reason or another I’ve never been there. Until last weekend! What was I thinking of not going there before? Hello beautiful day, hello friendly people and helloooo Benji’s! Welcome to my new hotspot list.

Life is a zoo

Find yourself in a cosmopolitan environment, inspired by the tropical spheres of Bali.” The interior of Benji’s is surrounded by a large amount of tropical plants, that it makes you believe you are lost in an urban jungle. An urban jungle with the elements of industrial tones with a touch of stone and steel. There are many different seats where you can take place at. Little sofa’s, cozy corners with lovely pillows and long work tables. For every occasion it is an ideal outcome. PS, look at those marmer tables. LOVE IT!

The menu

Ok, ok, the menu is pretty unique by itself because of the Asian touch they gave it. Think teriyaki, rendang, yellow peppers and  prawn crackers. But you can also go there for the typical dishes as in a granola bowl, mashed avocado or goat cheese. Pretty sure that everyone can find there own favorites on this menu. Why? Because it’s rocks!

The food

Oh how I hate making decisions with a menu like this one. Do I feel like Asian? Or going safe by order a classic I had before? And I am wondering how their specialties look like. And oh, do I need to safe some space for dessert? Arghhh, I want it all! But however, I ordered the one I had in mind before I was even going there. Hummus with grilled veggies for me and an Eggstra ordinary bowl with extra salmon for le boyfriend. Love it when he is having something I can use for my picture.


All by all I can asure you, you will not regret it when having lunch at Benji’s. I even highly recommend it. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dessert or just a cup of coffee.. They have so many good excuses to visit. Just go and let me know what you think!