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Off to Berlin!

I regularly have to go to Berlin for work. Soon I found out that Berlin is full of cozy and trendy addresses. From typical hipster bars on the corner to the most luxurious restaurants with star chefs and everything in between. Below I have selected brunch spots that will lead you to the nicest places to start the day. Bon appetit!


Breakfast hotspot | The Visit Coffee Roastery

Very hidden in a not so fancy area in Berlin, you will find this fancy coffee bar, named The Visit. The Visit is a coffee roastery bar and is a great meeting point for friend to catch up for some lunch or breakfast. The room is so bright, white and peacefull that I would spend here weekend if I were living in Berlin. The staff wasn’t that chatty but they were kind and decent. Homemade granola, pancakes and all kind of cakes and sandwiches. The pricing of the food was standard but the coffees were pricey. I paid 4,50 euro for a small cappuccino. But hey, it was worth it and I’m glad that I find out about this place. It’s a go! Enjoy!

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Breakfast hotspot | MilchHALLE

Sunday morning, it was my last day in Berlin. I’ve already met some great people and had eaten in a few great restaurants already. Everything was fine and I was almost ready to leave this great city. But, there was something missing on my list. We didn’t had bananabread yet! So I went to Milch Halle with a goal. Milch Halle is located in the Mitte District, which is a great point to start (our end, like I did) your trip in Berlin. When I came in, there was this great music at the background that triggered my immediately, it was a list of Yann Tiersen. I could’t think of a better Sunday morning.

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Brunch hotspot | Lula Deli & Grill

The reason of our visit at Lula Deli & Grill is because of their Sunday Brunch. It very popular to have brunch on Sundays in Berlin and luckily for me, there are many restaurants that participate. By the time I arrive (around 10:30), the whole terrace was full of people who were enjoying their brunch plates. The terrace looked cozy and fun. We took the first seat that come free and ordered two coffee to begin with. Then we ordered the Lula Deluxe for two. Wow!

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Lunch hotspot | The Klub Kitchen

In one of my most favorites areas in Berlin (Mitte), you’ll find this cute place to have one of their good-looking lunch dishes. From the outside it’s pretty basic, white and straight. The interior is very bright with little details and some plants. Welcome to the Klub Kitchen! The drinks you’ll find on their menu are just the way we like it. All different kinds of coffee, smoothies, juices, soda’s, milks, etc. I choose a Chai Latte and a cappuccino.  I will prefer everyone who will visit Mitte, to go over and have lunch at this place. I went there around 1 o’clock and that wasn’t the best thing to do because of the many many, many people who came inside. It was rainy outside so everyone wanted to come inside. I would love to come back some day when it’s a bit more quiet.

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Lunch hotspot | Die Stulle

In the middle of a beautiful street in Berlin, you’ll find this lunchroom Die Stulle. The terrace looks great from the outside. But wait until you see the inside. Details everywhere. Picture it, cute vases with flowers, colorful chairs, nice painting and golden items. Also the menu is awesome! I’ve had ordered the Green Garden and the fitness breakfast. It was so incredible tasty! A big yes for Instagrammers.

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Lunch hotspot | House Of Small Wonder

The creators of House of Small Wonder come from Tokyo and Brooklyn, with the original House of Small Wonder in Williamsburg. The influences in the atmosphere are evident, from the team of Japanese expats to the urban & green house vibes. There was too much on the menu. I needed help! They advised us the Onigiri (rice packed into triangles with flavour like plum and miso) to begin with, served with a miso soup. So we did. We did enjoy this brunch so much that we would love to come back one day. We where surprised and have eaten our tummies full and then it happened: they ask for dessert. My mind chose wisely and said no but my eyes where focused on the Avocado Chocolate Mousse. It’s was delicious!

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Diner hotspot | 1990 Vegan Living

In Berlin’s east, in the Friedrichshain area, you’ll find this authentic Vietnamese restaurants since 1990. In 1990, there was not much meat, so they had to about other delicious and vegan alternatives. The Vietnamese diet is known for its long lifespan and is based on fresh produce and exotic spices, which makes many delicious vegan dishes. So a wonderful place was created for good food. We ordered over 10 items + rice and noodles. So good! I will suggest everybody who is in Berlin, to try this 1990 Vegan Life at least once. It a good mindset to some people to just realize that there are so many ways to prepare food without fish or meat. I will be back for sure when I will visit Berlin again!

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