Bertmans | a 5-course christmas brunch



“The way you eat is a reflection of the respect you have for yourself – Pure Ella”

Last December, I visit a very special restaurant for a Christmas brunch. And not only was the restaurant beautifully dressed, no, especially the menu card appealed to me! The starting point for Bertmans is to consistently surprise their guests with nutritious dishes. In addition, all the dishes you will find on the menu are made of pure ingredients that fit the season we’re living in. Are you a vegetarian, vegan or do you have any allergy? Bertmans will make it possible to make you feel good and satisfied.

The Interior

Before I will tell which dishes I had during my 5 course brunch, I would like to focus on the fine interior that definitely contributed to my entire experience. When I looked around me, I was inspired by the many things in the restaurant. Think cute cactus plants, but also the handmade pots that you will find in the restaurant. The lamps, the chairs the quiet color combinations, actually I wanted to copy the entire interior.. But besides the sophisticated house style, it was especially the atmosphere that will let me come back!

The Menu

A 5-course of heaven. Mimoma of pear, ginger, salie and cava. The first course was a healthy buckwheat crepe with calvados, apples and yuzu cashew cream. Then they came with a soup of topinamboer. After this they brought us a large plate of different vegetables to share. Poached egg continues and they always safe the best for last: the Christmas Chocolate Trifle. Oh yes, that’s is a little side note. This was not the normal menu but a special brunch menu during Christman.


I’d love to come back soon to try your menu outside the public holidays!