Bertmans | a 5-course christmas brunch


“The way you eat is a reflection of the respect you have for yourself – Pure Ella”

Last December, I visit a very special restaurant for a Christmas brunch. And not only was the restaurant beautifully dressed, no, especially the menu card appealed to me! The starting point for Bertmans is to consistently surprise their guests with nutritious dishes. In addition, all the dishes you will find on the menu are made of pure ingredients that fit the season we’re living in. Are you a vegetarian, vegan or do you have any allergy? Bertmans will make it possible to make you feel good and satisfied.

The Interior

Before I will tell which dishes I had during my 5 course brunch, I would like to focus on the fine interior that definitely contributed to my entire experience. When I looked around me, I was inspired by the many things in the restaurant. Think cute cactus plants, but also the handmade pots that you will find in the restaurant. The lamps, the chairs the quiet color combinations, actually I wanted to copy the entire interior.. But besides the sophisticated house style, it was especially the atmosphere that will let me come back!

The Menu

5 gangen van geluk, met vooraf een heerlijke mimosa van peer, gember, salie en cava. De eerste gang bestond uit een super healthy crêpe van boekweit met calvados appels en een yuzu cashew cream. Hierna werden we opgewarmd met een fijn soepje van gerookte uit en topinamboer. Na het soepje werd er een groot bord salade geserveerd van verschillende groente om te delen. Vervolgens mochten wij genieten van een gepocheerd ei met paddestoelen en knolselderij met truffel en hollandaise saus. En tot slot, iets waar ik dacht geen plek meer voor te hebben tot het op mijn bordje lag, de kersttrifle van chocolade. En ja, je bent tot halverwege de avond voorzien van een voldaan gevoel maar man, man, man. Wat hebben wij genoten! Het slechte nieuws is dat dit menu enkel werd geserveerd tijdens de kerstbrunch. Maar bij slecht nieuws hoort natuurlijk goed nieuws! En dat is dat het ontbijt/brunch & lunch menu minstens net zo lekker is als onderstaande gerechten! Beloofd.

5 course

5 courses of heaven, with a delicious mimosa of pear, ginger, sage and cava. The first course consisted a super healthy buckwheat crêpe with calvados apples with a yuzu cashew cream. Afterwards we were warmed up with a nice soup of smoked onion and topinamboer. After the soup, a large plateau of salad was served from different vegetables to share with the table. Then we could enjoy a poached egg with mushrooms and celeriac with truffle and Dutch-style sauce. And finally, a dish I had my eyes on at the frist time when I saw the menu, the Christmas trifle of chocolate. And yes, until midnight you have a really satisfied feeling but wow… What have we enjoyed this brunch! The bad news is that this menu was only served during the Christmas brunch. But there is some good news as well. The breakfast / brunch & lunch menu is at least as delicious as the dishes during this blog! Promised

Until next time

I’d love to come back soon to try your menu outside the public holidays!