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Perheps you have already seen it passing by through your socials earlier this year. Their very first Blogbox, compiled with the most favorite products from five editors of RVG media. After many positive reactions, RVG decided to come up with a second BlogBox, and that’s where I came around. They asked me to join the community by receiving the second edition. Uhhh, I did not even have to think about that. Of course!

Their second Blogbox is full of the very best summer & travel goodies. Not only for those who travel but also for those who enjoy their summer days at home. All categories come along in this box. Think lifestyle, travel, interior and fun and useful things for your home.

​In this blog I’ll introduce you to some innovative and fun products that I unpacked from the box. Let’s start at the beginning. Enjoy!


​The first item that came up from the Blogbox, was added by Mandy. Her favorite travel item. A designful and usefull bag from Reisenthel.

“Keep it easy”, is a quote, made by travelers that fits nicely with this item. All products that are made from Reisenthel, have a bright expression and are light and practical in use. A product that cannot be missing during your holiday!

Reisenthel presents a brand new travelbag for those who love to go out on a weekend or citytrip. This must-have offers you plenty of space. I like to let the bag carry my laptop. The combination of coated and non-coated canvas fabrics creates a beautitful design!


Sun, sea and the beach. The ideal combination if you’ll ask Charlene. That includes a nice summer dress.

Livera belongs to one of the best brands specialty stores of the Netherlands. They offers you a wide range of lingerie. Whether it is night or day.

RVG Media & Impact suprised me with a this beautiful dress in purple. It is the perfect accessory to change your holiday into a perfect holiday! I would love to combine the dress with my new sandals and a nice summer hat. Here comes the summer!



The beautiful summer dress by Charlene isn’t complete without a beautiful piece of jewelry!

The affordable silver jewelry colleection from Lucardi has has extended. For every type of person, there are thought of nice items. Whether you like trendy, classic, timeless or rough. They got it all.

This beautiful collection of Bali Treasures consists jewelry made from 100% silver. The jewelry is oxidized to create a vintage look. Lucardi’s Bali ankle straps is a populair item this summer. The ankle straps are nicely decorated which makes them give you that real Bali feeling. The ankle straps come in charms, small balls and rounds. What is your favorite look?


This bloxbox isn’t complete without the favorite items from Kimberly. She provides cosiness in and outside the home. Luckily for us, she added some awesomeitems you want to have.

Wiezewasjes kernarks herself by jewelry, made of 925 silver with or without a 14 carat gold plated and real gemstones.

Wiezewasjes surprised me with 3 unique items. First thing I want to tell about is this scented candle. This candle is really nice for those who are into sweet stuff, just like me. Then I was pricked by a small cactus jar. A pink base with a gray speckled effect and a white lid with a contrasting a bright green cactus. Last but not least, they handles me a small cactus bag, that children undoubtedly like.


Whether it is at home or during traveling. Anouschka immediately gets a summer feeling from iced tea.

Inventum is a total provider of household devices. From a water cooker to a luxerious built-in dish washer. Something for everyone.

I got surprised with a Inventum water cooker. The matt black Inventum retro kettle HW617B has a capacity of 1.7 liters. Due to the high power of 2200 watts, the water boils quickly. The kettle is equipped with a removable anti-scale filter, automatic shut-off and a dry boil protection. You can refill or pour the kettle cordlessly.

What do you think of a homemade iced tea? This iced tea recipe has the coolness of mint, the sweetness of apple, the fresh taste of green tea, and the delight of a little fizz. It’s summery and refreshing in all the right ways.

It all begins with green tea. When the tea is brewed and chilled, simply add apple juice and fresh mint.

A fantastic drink really is that easy. While this recipe will serve two people, you’ll want to increase it and offer it at all your summer parties.


Leonie is a lover for cooking and good food. But a sucker for dirty kitchen counters. You will thank her later!

The fruit flies trianger is developed to take fruit flies from your fruits by using special food-based ingedrients. Bye, bye fruit fly!

The last item I unboxed was this handy item from Doctor Clean. Ideal for on your kitchen counter. It looks nice, does not smell bad and it will guarantees a fly-free house.





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