Bloomon | say it with flowers

A birthday, wedding, babyshower, graduationparty , welcome-back-party, etc.. There are several moments in your life where you have to search for a suitable gift. You just do not want to arrive empty-handed and a flower is usually not very useful when the host is busy with her guests. Take advantage of the opportunity and give a special gift. Say it with Bloomon! Oh, and by the way: you can also give it to yourself of course! Go to

Bloomon, their concept

Bloomon is the most original gift you can give someone as a present. Bloomon will deliver a vase, full of beautiful flowers that will upgrade your living room to a whole other level. And the best thing? You don’t have to do anything, just make sure you’ll open the door. You can take out a subscription where you’ll receive fresh flowers every three weeks. New flowers, new vase, new you! And whenever you go on holiday or want to deliver them a bit later, you can just tell them and they will take care of it. Sounds good hm?

Bloomon, how does it work?

Did you know that it is very easy to order Bloomon? First of all, visit their website Then you have to pick out the kind of flowers that you like, indicate at what times it can be delivered and voila! You very first pair of flowers is a fact! Luckily, I can give you a special voucher code so you can have the vase for free. The pictures on this blog are from the FLOW collection. I will tell you more about this style below.

From the grower to your front door

From the land to the vase. They will pick up your flowers directly from the growers. Why? Because Bloomon want to save them a detour via auction and wholesale – where they have to wait for hours in crates. They prefer to pick the flowers while they are still sleeping. Without waking them up, they deliver them to you at home, so that we can see them waking up. They  work directly with their growers so that they can guarantee us top quality. Together, they see which seasonal flowers are ready to be picked. So that means, an extra long enjoy of super-fresh flowers

The Flow Collection

Bring harmony into your home with their new floral collection FLOW. A collection that is inspired by the Japanese concept ikigai that stands for that which makes you happy. Fresh seasonal flowers that fill your home with the right energy for you. Green, orange, yellow, pruple. Someone is getting in the mood for the Spring! Stay tuned by visiting their website ( now and then. They change flowers with the season and they will never bore you! Promised.

Visit their website HERE