Brix | a place I visit very often


There always is that familiar place, where you know you’ll be treated the nice way. For me that’s Brix. Located in the 9 streets of Amsterdam, you will find this nice place that you will never be disappointed. Through the extensive and varied menu you will be surprised over and over again. The menu will change now and then but the quality will always be the same. It’s funny because, even how much I like searching new places, Brix is most of the time the location where we’ll end. Of course, it’s nice to discover new locations. But if you know that you’re in good hands, you’ll come back, right?

The interior

At Brix, they know how to set up the perfect lunchroom! The are many many nice places where you can have a seat. However, I prefer to the room in the back. Through the translucent roof there is a huge light inward over there. Also, I have fallen in love with their wooden floor. He cracks a bit, but hey. It makes the room more alive then ever! Do you get a bit flooded with a wide range of drinks? Take the homemade lemonade. You can choose the taste yourself and you can refill them on the bar.

The food

Every time I come to Brix for lunch, most of the time I go for the soup of the day. Especially when the tomato soup is being served, it’s seriously the best one ever! The day specials are very varied, it is a big surprise every time I get there. Not so long ago, Brix’s opening hours have been changed to the 9 o’clock. So that means: breakfast at Brix. Yay! Brussels waffles, scones, muffins, homemade granola, at least enough reason to go back soon. Also, the prices are very friendly of their menu are always very friendly. That’s quite unique for a location like that.