Cafe Droog | my super fancy lunch experience


“Okay”, is what I thought when hearing this name. Sounds basic, low expectations. I made a call for a reservation for two that afternoon. Once the car parked at the canals, we walked towards the typical Amsterdam building, gray facades with white windows. Without expectations I walked in and then it happened. Love at first sight. And second, and third.

The interior

Yes, yes, yes! This is exactly what I had not suggested, but it was so much better after all! When we came in, we’ve got surprised with a super stylish studio. Why did I never heard of this place before? And then my reaction was like: wow,  oooh and aaah! There is too much to look at, everything is beautiful. Books, clothing, home accessories, crockery, everything. But there was a reservation made by me so we had to leave the room and go upstairs. I was so surprised that I was curious how to find it above.

The interior continues

This hotspot surpasses all the expectations I could ever dream of! The fact that such my own website. This cafe, Droog design is a place you couldn’t keep only for yourself. Thereby, don’t you want a interior like these? I already have my own homestyle but this style I want to copycat! Love it! Everything!

The menu

I must have walked around for fifteen minutes or so to get the whole experience and of course, for the pictures I made.  You have to experience it yourself, but I hope I can give you a good impression. The face my boyfriend give me when I keep walking around made me pretty nervous so I decided to come back and have a seat after a while. I’d almost forget that we came here together for having a brunch. Just at the moment I wanted to hidden my camera it happens. There was this great instagrammable brunch getting served in front of me. Hello fresh fruit, croissant, granola and fresh baked eggs. Come to mama!

The food

The following text can actually be skipped as you might know. Do I have to say more after posting those amazing pictures below? And again, you have to experience it yourself. Did I tell you already all products are unbelievable fresh made? Oh well, you’d probably will see it yourself..


Here you really have to take a lot of time because everything is so beautiful. Tip: take some small snacks, and put your cutlery down for a few moments. Meanwhile (if the company’s exist you to), you can check the room next door. I love those intense brightening light, fresh colors with those white walls. See those white walls with bright blue birds. It’s like a little fairy tale don’t you think so?

Until next time