Café Le Marché | lovely atmosphere


Without having looked it up in advance, I walked by change past Café le Marché at the Währinger Street in Wien. It’s a sweet little coffeeshop which will attract you immediately to come inside.


Coffee or tea, whatever you’ll choose, you can not make any wrong decisions here. I took the spot in the corner, next to some finger-licking-good croissants. The owner is a very kind man. He is passionate about good coffee, healthy food in a good environment. And he did it. He brought Vienna a really great looking hotspot. It’s a great place to meet people or to work for yourself. Because it’s not that big you have to make sure that you might be to late when passing by. But, it’s worth the wait, for sure.


“Could I have the granola please? And for my friend the mashed avocado. But can you make sure that it’s served on that awesome plate I see over there?” My boyfriend died a little inside but luckily for us he could laugh about it. And just look at those beautiful pictures below. So colorful, so tasty and heathy on the same time. They really know how to work it. The decor and menu is very French. They have sandwiches, quiche, croissants and some banana breads with blueberry. The croissants was looking at me the whole time I spent my time here. When we paid our meal and were about to leave, he gave me a almond croissant. Ohhhh it was so sweet and SO delicious! Too good to make a picture of it, I was too little – too late.


Yes we had a wonderful time in here and we enjoyd our plates a lot. The interior is inspiring, the food is amazing and the service is just great. A big YES!