CARRERA CAFE | customize your coffee

It wasn’t by change that I stop by at Carrera Cafe. No, it was all according to my plans. I’ve met Carrera Cafe before, but not in real life. I saw it passing by through my Instagram feed. They serve you customized lattes in the cutest place of Los Angeles. By the time I step inside I know I was in the right place.



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Happy kid

I turned into a happy kid. This place is so cute and good organized. They promote the self-service system and the people who will help you, are kind and helpfully. Because it’s a big thing at Instagram you can expect a lot of people with the same goal as I came in with. Ordering coffee, waffles and let that pictures be taken!

Customized lattes

3x YES! Look how incredible sweet those coffee looks like. I became a big fan of the Carrera Cafe because of their customized lattes.

And the food

But wait a minute, not only did I fall for their beautiful lattes, just look at these meal. It’s fancy and delicious at the same time!

And interior

And then they have this interior that I wanted to take home, like all of it! The golden details, old-fashioned phone, amazing floor, chairs, tables.. Jup, when I say everything I mean everything.