Cinema Paradiso Amsterdam | where real Italians run the business

Cinema Paradiso Amsterdam


Did you know that we, Amsterdammers, have our own piece of Italy in the city? In the middle of the Jordaan you will find the former movie house, Cinema Paradiso Amsterdam. Named after the world-famous film Cinema Paradiso, which this year is exactly 30 years old. And guess what movie was playing this special night.. Exactly!

It’s a place where flavors come to life and where you have none other than real Italians in the kitchen. Not just a place where you come to eat quickly but where the restaurant helps you to take home an unique experience. That’s Cinema Paradiso. Read on for the whole experience.

The Location

Cinema Paradiso is located on one of the most fun streets of Amsterdam, namely the Westerstraat. A neighborhood where you can go for surprising boutiques, sweets coffeeshops, cafes and above all a good number of restaurants. The outside of the restaurant will make you curious and the cute shutters ensure that you do not miss it when you’ll pass by. In addition, a unique addition in Amsterdam: lots of parking spots in front of the entrance. Let’s go inside!


The Interior

Upon entering the restaurant you will immediately be reminded of the warm atmosphere of classic Italian restaurants. While you are guided to the restaurant by the host you will pass various halls. Nicely decorated and perfect for events.  What reminds me of the following, The owner is happy to assist you with booking a private dining, wedding location, group or company dinner.

The Menu

Besides the elegantly decorated restaurant, the menu is certainly an element to come back again. As mentioned before, this restaurant has only real Italian people. This is certainly reflected in the food. Cinema Paradiso know exactly where to get their fish of high quality. They have their own address in Naples for the most delicious burrata and use the ultimate recipe for their fresh pastas. Everything that a successful Italian needs to attract his customers, they have it.

We started with a tasty antipasti di Italy with a glass processo. Then they surprised us with bottle of Pinot Grigio, fruity and refined with a homemade ravioli with lobster in seafood sauce. Hours passed and nice conversations took the overtone. Until filleted seabass was served. Fantastic! Tacitly we enjoyed the fish and wine. Then the dessert arrived. First a classic of a Sgroppino. Later a souflé of chocolate and a lemon pie. Again, everything was homemade. Pictures can hardly imitate it.

The Service

Where owner Gianni himself was not present in his restaurant that night, we were allowed to meet his son Salva. Lovely! Thereby, we are warmly welcomed by the host who introduced us to impressive stories of the origin of the products and of the passion for the Italian kitchen. At Cinema Paradiso Amsterdam it is not just about the food, the interior or the location. It is the entire experience that makes you come back. You will be treated as an above average guest and they will make you feel special. Thanks for having me!