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Off to Copenhagen!

Never been in Copenhagen? Then get your act together and just go! Thereby, You can book your tickets very cheaply. Rather travel by car? Calculate a day by getting there. For this reason, I choose to stay a night in Hamburg. Hamburg is halfway Copenhagen and is a lovely city to visit. Upon arrival we were surprised by the most beautiful buildings, houses and other surroundings. Yes, Hamburg was definitely a good pitstop. The city center consists of a perfectly maintained center with nice shopping streets and expensive shops. You will have a good time here.

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Brunch Hotspot | Herr Max

To celebrate the start of our holiday, we went to the most delicious patisseries in Hamburg, named Herr Max. When you are traveling by car, Herr Max is a great location because it’s a couple of miles outside the city center. Herr Max is a nice little shop where their interior is a composition of brocant furniture, antique teapots, azure tiles from the collection of Frau Ines. And then we have those cakes, yes yes yes! They look so delicious and taste exactly as they look like!

The bridge |Thai for dinner

Auf Wiedersehen Hamburg! I came, I saw and I conquered. Let’s go to the next step, Copenhagen! What a beautiful journey! The bridge you will pass by when you enter Denmark is pretty amazing. We were lucky that the sky was clear, so we could look over the water. Because we left Hamburg by the end of the day, we arrived in the evening. And we were hungry. We felt like Asian and came out at the Thai Corner, which looked nice and clean from the outside and, so we gave it a shot. Once inside we ordered fried rice and pad thai with chicken spies as a starter. Not very fancy but the flavors were okay.

Hotspot | Tivoli

Wake up in Copenhagen! With Tivoli in the prospect. You can’t leave Copenhagen without visiting Tivoli. It such a great theme park in the middle of the city center. For three hours I walked around with a smile from ear to ear. It’s like a fairy-tale experience. Because the park is quite small (about 80,000 m² with 25 attractions), you’ll find a nice and personal atmosphere. To enter the park you can choose to pay an entrance fee of € 13, – or an entrance ticket for unlimited access to all attractions of € 27, -. Because I do not like attractions that much, we chose a ticket without attractions. Eventually we’ve been in 3 attractions where we’d to pay around € 3, – by credit card. If you want to visit as much attractions as possible, enter the park at 11:00.

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Dinner Hotspot | Mother

Looking for a cute dinner spot in the evening? Go to Meatpacking District! You’ll find so many different cuisines, cosiness and atmospheric outdoor terraces. At the end of September, when we were there, it is getting really chilly in the evening. And once it started to cool down, you can use the blankets that are laying over the chairs. Also, for the very best pizza in town; go to Mother! Yes, you have to stay in line first, but it’s worth it. Because the pizza’s were really filling, we went for a shared dessert, tiramu. Yummm!

Brunch Hotspot | Wulff & Konstali

Okay here it comes, hotspot of all hotspots! Hello Wulff & Konstali! We’ve had the very best brunch ever!  It’s outside the city center but do not let it pass you! Not in possession of a car? Arrange a bike or get the OV because it’s so worth it. Wulff & Konstali has a triple locations but I’ll prefer you to go to Lergravsvej 57. You could go for regular breakfast or lunch but now you’ve already taken the trouble to get there.. Go for brunch! This way you’ve to choose from five (kr 129) or seven (kr. 149, -) dishes. If you go for five dishes like we did, it will cost you around 18 euros. And believe me, for the rest of the day, you’ll have enough. Don’t panic when you see the Danish menu and ask for a Enligsch menu. Unfortunately, I did found out about this after I translated the whole menu by Google translate.

Hotspot | Copenhagen by boat

One of the best tips for Copenhagen is a boat trip. While everything is quite expensive in, a boat trip will cost you nothing! Almost nothing. Not even 6 euro did we lost by getting toured by boat. You’ll get a better picture of Copenhagen in an hour. The entrance is at the Nyhavn. On the boat you’ll have an English guide who will tell you everything about the architecture, the city’s history, and you’ll come across the little mermaid. Check!

Coffee and cake Hotspot | Bertels Salon

Did you get a little appetite from the boat trip? My goal was to look for the very best cheesecake in town. So I search by the term “City’s best cakes 2016” and it brought me to Bertels Salon (Kompagnistræde 5, 1146 Copenhagen K), where they made the very best cheesecake of the city. There were so many choices of all kinds of cheesecake that I went for the cheesecake in its purest way. I go for the natural cheesecake. Best choice ever! Bertels Salon may be a little less fancy, but when you’re in the neighborhood .. just go for it!

Island Brygge & Cafe Alma 

In Kopenhagen heb je veel te maken met up-coming wijken die het vooral goed doen bij de locals. Eén van die wijken waar ik heb gegeten is Island Brygge. Het leuke aan deze wijk vind ik dat er veel variatie is aan eetgelegenheden waarbij de chefkoks écht het onderste uit de kan halen om je met de beste producten in aanmerking te laten komen. En omdat ze zichzelf eerst nog maar moeten bewijzen kan je er sterren-waardig eten tegenover zachte prijzen. Café Alma (Safjordsgade 7, 2300 København S) is het restaurant waar mijn voorkeur naar uitging omdat het zich op  een hoek bevindt waar je nog even fijn kunt terrassen voordat je binnen plaatsneemt. Eenmaal binnen kozen we beide voor de hamburger (zo eensgezind haha!) met huisgemaakt frietjes met een pompoen soepje vooraf. Al heb ik niet heel veel ervaring met hamburgers kan ik zeggen dat dit de lekkerste is die ik ooit geproefd heb! Maar naast de de hamburgers staat er veel meer lekkers op de kaart wat in de keuken vast uitdagender is om te maken. En de lunch schijnt net zo lekker te zijn.


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Hotspot | JOE & THE JUICE

Als laatst wil ik nog graag vertellen over Joe & the Juice, want die ga je ongetwijfeld veel tegenkomen als je in de stad rondloopt. Je kan hem herkennen als het roze ronde logo. En vergeet dan niet naar binnen te gaan want damn, they know how to make some juich! Green shield is mijn favoriet met appel, spinazie, komkommer en broccoli!

Have det sjovt i København!