COTTONCAKE | having brunch on a lazy Sunday


Sundays.. Lazy, lazy Sunday which are all about do nothing and relax. Not thinking about tomorrow yet. A Sunday like this as we all know and how great should it be to spend this one at Cottoncake? Within walking distance of the Albert Cuijp you will find Cottoncake, a hidden pearl where you can not only have a stop for ashop There is more, it’s also the best place to come over for the best waffles during their brunch menu!

The clothing

At Cottoncake we feel understood. They do not only focus on our love for jewelry. No, you’ll find also the finest fabrics of the well-known and less well-known brands. Think of Samsoe & Samsoe, Selected, etc. In addition, you can have a look for the best present for you love ones. You can come over if you want to surprise someone with funny postcards in combination of those great perfume.

The drinks

All these little presents are very nice, of course. But wait until you’ve seen the menu. Just start at the beginning, the coffees & juices. All the juices and smoothies are home- and freshly made with the most healthy products. Also, they work with white label coffee and we , as very big coffee lovers will find that a big plus. Try a different sort of milk then you are used to. Coconut matched latte, i like! The coconut milk may be less foamy, but it is worth the try!

The food

And by food I mean a little peace of heaven! Full enjoyment during the weekends, especially on saturdays & sundays when they serve you the weekend brunch specials! Think delicious New York style waffles for only 7,50 euros. And whether you like sweet or salty, crispy or healthy. They thought of everyone. I will suggest you the sweet & salty quilty pleasure!

The dessert

And for the watchful viewer, who spotted a small but nice piece of brownie next to my Matcha Latte.. It was heaven, really. But also, incredible tiny!  So much pleasure in such a little piece that I had to treat myself to a bigger one. I ask the staff which ingredients are in and after that they also told me it’s homemade. And I don’t know how it works out for you, but If someone telsl me something is home-made I became super enthusiastic. Thereby, it always sounds a little healthier instead of a machine product. And since I already let go of myself during these amazing waffles I got all the way and ordered the brownie for dessert. Oops, guilty!