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De Volkswagenbus

Looking for a fun thing to do? Imagine a Sunday. A wonderful sunny day where all possibilities are open. You want to do something. Something nice, something surprising and something new. But what? There is already so much outdated to do. The cinema, the park, cycling, the city, lunch.. Been there, done that. Right?

Go crazy and do something you’ve never did before! Rent a Volkswagen Beetle via or an Oldtimer from and go on adventure. Step in, discover and admire.

The Minty Beetle Cabriolet

The minty beetle cabriolet is one of the six beetles that De Volkswagenbus has is stock. A color that caught my attention the moment I saw her. “Isn’t she lovely?” An unique and special beetle cabriolet from the year 1976. Born as a white specimen but repainted as a mint green beauty. Nice detail is that the roof can go off. Totally fun if you’ve hit the road with sunshine.

The pick-up-point

It is possible to pick up your new car, in my case the beetle cabriolet, or have it delivered on a private location. I went for the first option. This happened in Nieuwegein in some a kind of car shed, where I could see all the other cars and vans they offer. At least 8 colored Volkswagen vans lined up with the well-known old beetles besides. There was a Porsche 356 Speedster and even an old copy of the fiat 500. Each and every one of them is well maintained. The employees are involved with the cars and are happy to help you. They make you enthusiastic about the car ride to be made and take the final steps together with the tenant.

On route

Ready, set, go. It might be the first time that you are driving in an oldtimer. Before you do, do know that it takes a while to get used to the car. It probably feels different than the cars you are used to. The beetle that I drove needs a lot of gas to get started and ultimately does not go faster than 90 km / h. That’s a side note that is good to keep in mind. For this I recommend to avoid motorways. It is also more fun to drive a lot of roads in between, anyway. For example, take the road along the leak, called the Lekdijk. A nice quiet route where you can tour at your own speed. People watch you and press their horn. It gets used to and it makes life extra fun for a day. The compliments are flying around you.

Volkswagen Photobooth

Do you have something to celebrate shortly? A birthday, marriage or any other special occasion? A nice additional fact is that De Volkswagenbus is specialized in taking your party to a higher level. The nicest and most original photos as a memory of that fun day. Look through this link to all possibilities and set up a personal proposal.