De sushiemeisjes | where Dutch girls rock their sushi

De Sushimeisjes

” Meisjes met rieten matjes, vis, rijst en fietsen,
maken hier de beste sushi, zodat jij kan genieten en lekker kan nietsen.”

Looking for the Sushimeisjes we did found out that we just pass this little place.  Not that crazy, because from the outside it does not really stand out that much. It looks quite small and because of the many people the windows were lightly occupied.

The interior

Once inside everything changes. From the unobtrusive restaurant from the outside we are surprised by the lively interior of the inside! And that in combination with the delicious fresh smell of Japanese cuisine, everything suddenly falls into the right directions of a great place. From the cute flowers on the table and sweet texts on the walls and to the nice lighting and cozy wallpaper. Love it so much in here!

The food

What started as a small pick-up and catering company by two girls from Den Haag, it growed and become a big success with the best fancy sushi place. Since February 2016, they opened their first restaurant where you could not only pick up, but also come along for dinner. And if you are going to eat sushi, you have to order wine it in a traditional way, named with Sake. This is a Japanese alcoholic drink, which is partly based on rice. You have to drink this drink at room temperature or warm. If you are not sure if you like it, try to drink cold and build it up to something warmer. Thereby, I recommend everyone the tempura vegetables next to the Sake! Omnomnom!

The price

I have been to several places to taste sushi. But at De Sushimeisjes, you wish you could come back everyday for these sushi. For only 35 euros for two people (!!) you have a rich scale with different types of homemade sushi. I’m already looking into my agenda when I can plan to come back again.

The visit

You have to make a reservation if you want to visit this place. Otherwise I will suggest you to come early by the end of the afternoon or the beginning of the evening. You will see the restaurant transform from a bright place for sushi into a cozy restaurant where you can enjoy a nice night out.