Die Stulle | Green Garden in a sandwich


In the middle of a beautiful street in Berlin, you’ll find this lunchroom Die Stulle. From the outside there are a lot of cozy seating that will guide to you the inside. On the inside there are even more cozy seating. Because it was kind of early in the morning, we decided to take a seat inside. The sun wasn’t out that long and the terrace was still in the shadow.



Oh how I just looooove those details. Details everywhere in Die Stulle in Berlin! Picture it, cute vases with flowers, colorful chairs, nice painting and golden items. This place is just great for your Instagram! Try to take a seat at the window. The view is nice and relaxing. Oh, and by the way, please do not forget to make a reservation during lunch. It might be very busy at the moment you come in spontaneous.



Wow, this menu is awesome! I already saw some good-looking picture on the internet and thought I had made my decision already. Until I saw all those choices of a few of my favorite dishes. Think pancakes, green sandwiches, granola, and many, many more! But first, cappuccino with soy milk bitte! Also, a nice fact about their food.. everything is 100% natural dough – no baking mixes long fermentation times for the more intense own taste. No additives and other aids, just delicious baked good Dough.



And then we have left the finger-licking food pictures of the Green Garden. It probably is the best sold item on the menu of Die Stulle. Look how beautiful they made my sandwich. It was art on my plate. And the best thing was, it was so incredible tasty! We also ordered the fitnessfrühstück. I love it when restaurants give dishes names like that. It makes me believe that I am healthy. Or at least, that I give it a try!