Frenchie Café | a cute spot for coffee


Utrecht has a new hotspot in town and I went over to try it out. Upon entering, it seemed as if I had ended up in another world. A world that I liked best, with a majority of girls. (Who run the world?!) A friendly woman, who is also the owner of Frenchie Café greeted me cheerfully. Pink plays the main tone in this café and the cakes adapt very well. Hello Frenchie café, I think I like you.



The Location

Location is just great. Frenchie Café is not located in the busy mainstreet, but just around the corner of it. Just the way I like it. A street where you can quietly walk through. A sunny terrace without any inconvenience. A coffee stop that can easily be combined during shopping in Utrecht.

The Interior

The interior was just so lovely in here the minute I walked in. It was like a pink dream in America who just came out. It’s a concept, far from the Dutch standards as we all know them. I experienced it as a cafe with a passionate owner who has an eye for detail. Pink details to be precise. 

The Menu

The menu of Frenchie Café is simple but delicious. Think (iced)Coffees, Fresh Juices, American Pancakes, Banana Bread and a huge selection of various Cakes. Cakes to dream about. Of course I could not leave without tasting something sweet. At the moment that I was face to face with the Banana Bread, I knew what to do. I made the right choice in this. No doubt about it.