Frenchie Restaurant | a new place in town


Yes yes! You heard it right, there is a new spot in town. They call it Frenchie Restaurant. And I know why! For a moment I got the idea as if I were sitting in France. When I say Haarlem, you say “Frenchie!”

The interior

Yup, it’s all about the details in this amazing, instagrammable spot! Tim and his creative girlfriend Lisa, started their own restaurant in Haarlem. After many years of work experience in the catering industry, the time was right for them. They created a place where people come together, where good conversations can be taken and where you want to be seen. All of this while enjoying the beautiful interior.


Coffee was ordered, one cappuccino and a fresh mint tea and then it happened. While I walked around and admired the interior, I came face to face with this cake tray. A plateau with all kinds of home made cakes. Honestly, who can resist that? Well, I just don’t. White chocolate cheesecake, come to mama! See it as an appetizer, right? Well, what can I say. it was delightful

The menu

Haaa! They got me! It was obvious to assume French food by the name. Well, don’t fall for that! Frenchie Restaurant has given an surprising Asian twist to their menu. Think ramen noodle soup, asian taco’s and Bibimbap. But don’t worry, Tim and Lisa honor their name of the restaurant. They also serve you French toast, good-looking pancakes with coconut cream and many more! In the evening you can choose a-la-cart or a 3, 4 or 5-course surprise menu. I think I have to come back soon..


Thank you for the lunch experience, I am still smiling! become enthusiastic? Make a reservation quickly via this link!