Sometimes I visit places that I cannot keep for myself. Haebel is that kind of restaurant. What an amazing experience. Before you visit Haebel – which became my absolute new favorite restaurant in Hamburg – you have to prepare. Make sure you book a table in advance, so you will not be disappointed. Then go look for the ultimate company during your visit.  Go dress up and make sure you bring your camera with you. You will regret if you do not, believe me.

The Menu

Fabio Haebel, owner of the restaurant Haebel and two wonderful cookbooks (2nd is coming soon). During his European journey he gets inspired. He goes with great respect for the farmers and their products and comes back with new recipes. Their cuisine is regional and at the same time inspired by many different countries and cultures. The roots are French with Scandinavian influences. And that is reflected in the interior. Together with a great combination of traditional and modern elements, a 7-year-old hotspot has been born in Hamburg. Every month they change their menu to a next level. During my visit they surprised me with an amazing 5-course menu with a matching wine arrangement.


Sit down and enjoy

Hospitable we were received by the host. It was love at first sight when we came in. This interior is made for me! Think marble tables, wooden elements, black chairs and a beautiful green walls. This in great combination of French chansons. The purity of the French character comes up but the Scandinavian framework does not lag behind. Welcome in Haebel, where dreams actually may come true. Bubbels and oysters, they really had me.

The kitchen

At Haebel, everything is transparant. The pure ingredients, the open kitchen the same applies to the wine. I always have this weakness when we can look into the kitchen but at Haebel it’s more than that. Because the restaurant is pretty small, you really have interaction with the chefs and your food. We practically sat next to the kitchen and saw how everything was made in front of us. First row of entertainment. The first course was the Salmon with celery with the best caviar I have ever had. Unbelievable what they serve you here. I’m still dreaming of that fresh salmon! Then they came with a quail, combined with a glass of Scheurebe. Hmm!

Course 3

More wine! A Spät burgunder this time. Drinkable as mentioned by the waiter. Did you know that soup in a stick tastes even better? Now you know!

Course 4 and 5

Mushrooms, sage, bottarga in chickenfat. The picture does not show how good it was, that’s why you have to taste it yourself! Then the braised beef shoulder, pickled and roasted onion with onion purée. That in combination with this KabiNett wine? Magnificently!

The Dessert

Salted apple tart with vanilla cream and a honey ice cream on the side. Let your eyes speak.

Meeting the chef

A full night of good conversations, the best wines and the most delicious delicacies. But who is the brain behind this composition? Here I met Fabio, where he told me about his passion in food, about his cookbooks. But also about his new restaurant that will soon open its doors. That’s where we know that we have to come back.

Until next time

What is a French inspired restaurant without its cheese? Exactly, there is not. Cheese and fresh bread with fruits and nuts inside.. Could you think of a better end of this romantic evening? Me neither..

Go, go, go! Plan your trip to Hamburg and reserve a spot here, haebel.hamburg