Hamburg | best hotspots of Hamburg

Off to Hamburg!

Hamburg is the perfect city for a small city trip outside the Netherlands and it is not that far away. Hamburg has so much to offer. It is overflowing with history. It has some beautiful hotels, fine and versatile neighborhoods, graffiti art, and really nice restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this blog I will write about my hidden pearls I have found during my visits. Enjoy!

5 x Coffee and cake in Utrecht!

Coffee Hotspot | Tornqvist

First of all, let me tell you something about the neighborhood in which Tornqvist is located. You’ll find the place at Neuer Pferdemarkt, which is a wonderfull street full of nice art, clothing, goodie shops in Hamburg. This street was around the corner from our hotel, Movenpick. Just on the corner, there was the sign Tornqvist. Then I knew we had to head over for some coffee here. Scandinavian details everywhere, so eat your heart out! The place is very minimalistic and bright. They really know how to work it and they rocked the color white! Instead of a portable menu, you have to look at the walls or walk forward to see what they have to eat and drink. I love it.

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Brunch hotspot | Herr Max

Herr Max is that place where you have to go when you are in Hamburg for the first time. It was the second time for us to come here because we really enjoyed their menu in the first time. This place is opened by Mr Max and his wife Julia. After years of experience they started their own business called after his name. Their menu consists of a huge variety of sweet and savory items. Because I’ve tried some of their sweet list items, we now want to try their regular dishes. But that wasn’t an easy choice to make after all because of the many many options they gave you. Luckily for me, we visit on a Sunday morning where we could choose from the brunch menu.

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Brunch hotspot | Moki’s Goodies

When I was looking for a nice spot where I could have brunch for two, Moki’s Goodies come across my timeline. There were so many goodies that I’ve became very curious. And that reminds me of the origin of the name, Moki’s Goodies. Monika, which is the founder of this place, told me this funny story about her daughter. When her daughter was still a baby she couldn’t say her name Monika. Instead of Monika she called her mother Moki, which I find is very cute. Beside, Monika is always experimental with lil items, products and ingredient’s that she was naming “goodies”. So that merged made the name Moni’s Goodies. I find it fascinating and it makes the place very personal. As personal as the candles that are on the table next to my hand written name card after I made a reservation. So cute!

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Dinner hotspot | Haebel

Sometimes I visit places that I cannot keep for myself. Haebel is that kind of restaurant. What an amazing experience. Before you visit Haebel – which became my absolute new favorite restaurant in Hamburg – you have to prepare. Make sure you book a table in advance, so you will not be disappointed. Then go look for the ultimate company during your visit.  Go dress up and make sure you bring your camera with you. You will regret if you do not, believe me. Fabio Haebel, owner of the restaurant Haebel and two wonderful cookbooks (2nd is coming soon). During his European journey he gets inspired. He goes with great respect for the farmers and their products and comes back with new recipes. Their cuisine is regional and at the same time inspired by many different countries and cultures. The roots are French with Scandinavian influences. And that is reflected in the interior. Together with a great combination of traditional and modern elements, a 7-year-old hotspot has been born in Hamburg. Every month they change their menu to a next level. During my visit they surprised me with an amazing 5-course menu with a matching wine arrangement.

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