Herr Max | for brunches, cakes and cookies

Are you considering going to Hamburg? Then you probably asked for tips already and heard about patisserie Herr Max. Herr Max is a place where you have to go when you are here for a visit. It was the second time for us to come here because we really enjoyed their menu in the first time. This place is opened by Mr Max and his wife Julia. After years of experience they started their own business called after his name.


Their menu consists of a huge variety of sweet and savory items. Because I’ve tried some of their sweet list items, we now want to try their regular dishes. But that wasn’t an easy choice to make after all because of the many many options they gave you. Luckily for me, we visit on a Sunday morning where we could choose from the brunch menu.


So yes, decisions were made and the meal was ordered by one of the crew members. Now the wait has begun. Herr Max was full of guests and some were even sent away because of the full occupation. But the wait was rewarded when lunch was served. They now how to surprise and I was blowing away because of these homemade bread. Never have I ever tasted such a great bread, so fresh, so tasty and the structure was really good. The plate with the cheeses, meats and pesto was tasty as well. It didn’t looked that much on the menu but I want to guarantee that you are full for the rest of the day. Ok, maybe a cookie to go but that must be it, really!


Now I told you about the sweets in this place, the reason why this place has become so popular, you will probably have become curious about the diversity of sweets. Below you’ll find some of their cookies and cakes, but there is soooo much more. You really have to see it for yourself.


So again, when in Hamburg.. don’t forget to stop by and take a moment for yourself. I’ll suggest you to come over for cake but when you are not that much of a sweet-person, you’ll probably get happy with their breakfast/lunch options! Last, and this may sounds a bit strange, but do not expect too much enthusiasm from the service. They do their job and they will serve you right but sometimes, I missed a smile on their faces.