Hotel Sacher | where the tourists meet


Wanna meet some locals? Then do not enter Hotel Sacher. In line you will find a big line with tourists, coming from everywhere. Inside you’ll find Vienne’s finest Sacher Torte. “Oh is that so? Then I have to try it myself!” And so it happen. It took us 45 minutes in line. Yes, you can call us crazy. We might are a bit.


45 Minutes later, this host was come again to pick up the next people in line. There were like 20 people in front of us. But luckily, they were with a huge mount of people. He was looking for just 2 persons. Hurray! There we go. In the meanwhile I became a snowman because of the cold weather. I could use some coffee first. Inside you’ll find a chocolate giftshop on your right and a café on your left. We went to the left. Welcome in Hotel Sacher.


What do you order at this place? Well, I didn’t waited in line for just a sandwich. I wanted to taste their famous Sacher Torte. Never had it before so this would be the debut. Me and the chocolate cake. I started to like this place and couldn’t wait to have my first! So here we go! How it was? Not bad, not bad at all! But to recommend this, inclusive 45 minutes of waiting? If you always wanted to have the very best Sacher Torte: YES! Just want to go out for some cake? Then take another turn and just go to their shop, where you don’t have to wait in line.


Wanna impress your friends? Teacher? Mother in law? Buy a pack of these chocolates. It will cost you some extra money but I’m sure they will be loving you for over the year!