House of Small Wonder | a special place in Berlin


Does this name makes you curious? Well, they had drawn my attention for sure! The restaurant is pretty hidden in Berlin and the first time I wanted to visit, I even walked past it a few times. But then, there was that sign. The sign of House of Small Wonder. Still a bit confused, I decided to go inside. And there was it, the point of recognition. The familiar staircase I saw many times when scrolling down my Instagram. Welcome to House of Small Wonder!


The creators of House of Small Wonder come from Tokyo and Brooklyn, with the original House of Small Wonder in Williamsburg. The influences in the atmosphere are evident, from the team of Japanese expats to the urban & green house vibes. This is not only reflected in the interior but also in the food. Everything you will look and everything you will taste, there is hidden a twist of Japan. The interior is full of botanical plants, cozy papers on the wall, wooden elements and here and there colorful flowers. The colors alternate with green and brown. So happy to met this beautiful place in Berlin. The day I was visiting Berlin, it was raining all day long and I can not think of a better place to hide then this place!


Sooooo, that’s enough reason to come and visit House of Small Wonder, right? When I came in, it was late in the afternoon after a six-hour journey from Amsterdam. So  yes, we were kinda hungry. We started with a Soy Latte Macchiato and a Soy Matcha Latte and look at this adorable bunny in my cup. I was totally surprised! Then we looked at the menu again and called for some help because we couldn’t choose of all those delicious dishes. They advised us the Onigiri (rice packed into triangles with flavour like plum and miso) to begin with, served with a miso soup. So we did. Afterwards I ordered the Soboro Don, it’s a ground chicken with scrambled organic egg over rice with spinach & red pickled ginger. My boyfriend ordered the Homemade Biscuit Benedict, where he was very lucky because it’s limited available. We did enjoy this brunch/lunch/snack (whatever you’ll call it) so much that we eat it all! I definitely will recommend the dishes from my pictures below, especially the Homemade Biscuit Benedict. I have never had this dish so delicious. I can not even find the right words to describe so I will leave it up to you! We where so surprised and have eaten our tummies full and then it happened: they ask for dessert. My mind chose wisely and said no but my eyes where focused on the Avocado Chocolate Mousse. So there we go, we ordered the mousse as well. And it did really paid off. It’s was delicious!


The House of Small Wonder stole my heart and sent me back home with a whole new experience. The place, location, food and all the sweet people I’ve met, thank you! Maybe I have to consider Japan some day..?