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Are you looking for the very best gift you can give someone? And by very best gift I mean a gift that someone will always remember. For young and old, from a good friend to an old neighbor and from a birthday present to a wedding present. With this gift you’ll blow away the opportunity to make someone happy. By you’ll find this gift. And the nicest thing is that you can make it as personal as you like.

Ilniste is a sole proprietorship where they make photo books with a very personal touch. It’s led by a woman called Ilse. She brings the concept of a photo book to another dimension. Farewell standard and impersonal books and hello customize, accurate and personal photo books! Nothing is more beautiful than a tangible memory.  Ilniste is specialized in combining there beautiful memories in a tangible gift for your loved ones.

Stressed out about the fact you don’t have the time or creativity to make the perfect photo book? Then you are at the right address at Your personal photo book is tailored to your wishes. Ilniste is really pleasant in communication and she has a gift to find out which side you want to go to with the book.


Who? Ilniste
What? Customized photo books
Prices? From €39,95 and up



Photographs are like wine – they get better with age.