Kadetje van Edje | visit my favorite lunch spot


If at first not succees, do it like your mother told you, thought Charlotte Verburg before opening this very cute lunch spot in Haarlem. Together with her mother, to whom it is named, she brought this culinary lunchroom to my city. A dream that has become reality. Like a fairy tale has come true. Her enthusiasm is hanging in the air and she will welcome you with her lovely bright smile. Welcome to the wonderful world of Kadetje van Edje!

The location

Do you wanna know where you really must go when you are visiting Haarlem but don’t want to pay that much? Exactly! Kadetje van Edje it is! From day one it is opened is was a success story. It could not be possible that you will pass this fine spot when you are walking through de Lange Veerstraat. It cries out cosiness and cuteness and it will catch your interest. It’s a good sign that it stand out that much because you do not want to miss your sandwiches over here! And who tells you that it is expensive to dining out, is completely wrong! It’s hard to find a sandwich that is more expensive than 5 euros at this place. And a surprising side note: all sandwiches are sustainable and organic dishes! And for the lovers like me, for a small contribution you’ll get a fresh bag of bread, spelled or gluten-free bread.

The menu

From fresh smoothies (tip!) and cappuccinos to steak tartar, pulled pork and fresh cream brie on a fresh (and warm!) sandwich. You will find it all on the extended menu! The first time I entered, I was surprised by the delicious smell of freshly baked bread. Their secret? Before they serve you your sandwich, they will heat them for you in their oven. Because of this, you’ll get a delicious hot bread with a crispy bite, nomnomnom! It’s like they just came out the bakers oven for the first time. We went for the smoked chicken and carpaccio. By sides, I will recommend the homemade pesto to anyone!

The picture

And although I gave them my first visit while the weather was bad I decided to come back a few days after that. So we came along with lots of sunshine the day after. Fortunately for us, they have a nice terrace outside in the middle of the sun. Yes! We had a small table with cute chairs on both sides. Very Instagrammable as well. We totally loved it.

The dessert

Yes, these cookies want you and vice versa! Charlotte and her mother have take this very cleverly. Because they will warm up those cookies before serving, there is this lovely nice bakery smell inside the lunchroom witch you can not resist. At. All. Those cookies will requires all your attention! I’d totally felt for them and I can say that I’m became addicted a little. Oops!