Kaffemik | coffee and cinnamon


Morning glory

Just outside our hotel, I have found this small coffee shop, named Kaffemik, where I saw marble tables from the inside. That is where we gonna have breakfast tomorrow is what I thought! So it goes. Good morning Vienna, good morning Kaffemik!

Interior goals

I’m a big sucker for interiors like these one from Kaffemik. The interior is scandinavian with sleek lines, light colors of the walls and marble tables with small cactus plants. I loved everything about it. Thereby, the funny side fact is that Kaffemik deliberately chooses not to play background music. The only sounds that  reflected this peaceful location in the early morning are the talking people and the sounds of the coffee machine. It was a perfect getaway to start your day before you go into the crowds.

Coffee and more

Kaffemik has the most varied selection of coffee from independent burners, every month there is another coffee to taste.The barista was very knowledgeable about coffee so he can tell you everything about it. Beside the great coffee options, they serve banana bread, brownies, croissants and cinnamon rolls. And goodmorning calories!