KESSENS | where Amsterdam meets Sweden



Kessens, Sweden meets Amsterdam.How is it possible that I did not know of this Instagrammable hotspot yet? With Swedish influences from the owner and the patisserie-side of the other owner, it created a real Amsterdam hotspot, named Kessens.

The food

There where I was tipped by someone who suggest me to visit Lessens for the very fresh interior, I was suddenly very surprised by this amazing menu! Gravad Lax, Toast Skagen, Rillette of Duck and much more. I even doubted if I was in Amsterdam or somewhere in Paris. When I saw the cauliflower soup with fennel on the card, the choice was made very quick. No one who makes this recipe better than my grandmother does, I said to myself. And even that I couldn’t say it to my granny, I have to admit.. This soup at Kessens is the best cauliflower soup I had ever tasted. Sorry granny.


And so I have been sold to this nice restaurant at the Rozengracht. Fresh interior, without fuss. No Instagram for Kessens. Food must be the key is there opinion. It’s a waste. I would love to see more of their incredible pictures through Instagram but I agree with their strive. Also, I find it really nice to tell people about this restaurant they never saw through their social channels. And so I can tell people about Kessens who don’t hear about it before. Especialy ome people.. Because there are many people came over before me and come back over and over again for their amazing shrimp croquettes Ive told. Reason enough for me to get back soon, so I can take a nicer look at their cozy reading table!