Let There Be Brunch X Ketel One Vodka

Kerel One Vodka x Let there be brunch

What a great initiative! Every month, Ketel One Vodka is organizing an event where they bring you the most delicious brunch you could imagine including a Bloody Mary and a Espresso martini for only 25 euro!. Every month it’s organized at another location in Amsterdam. Sounds good? Then read on!

A covored table

When entering the Park Café at Hotel Arena, we were surprised by the great light. A beautiful covered table was waiting for us and the host of the day welcomed us. The seating arrangement was made and in the middle of the long-made table we found our names. The menu cards were lying on the table and all dishes looked delicous. Let there be brunch!

Bloody Mary

No brunch without a Bloody Mary. And the nicest thing of that was, we were able to make our own cocktail. What a great experience! In the beginning we didn’t really now what to add exactly and what proportions you have to use but luckily for us: there was a cocktailshaker. The cocktail-girl helped us out and gave us all the tips and tricks how to rock you very own Bloody Mary. The secret? Use Ketel One Vodka and your cocktail is going to be a huge success! We made the classic one, with Tomato Juice. But, for the picture, we also made a Green Mary. Here you’ll find the recipe of the Green mary and here for the Bloody Mary.

Going too fast

I love it, all those great looking and tasty cocktails in the morning but we still have to go all day.. So let there be food as well. They surprised us with all kind of small bites. Think of a typical tosti Old Amsterdam, Pastrami sandwich, spicy avocado, pumpkin soup, and some sweets. All those bites, they looked so small but they were soooo filling. It  had to be combined with all those cocktails


Yes I had a great time and it’s honestly the best way to start a new week. Good company, great locations, the best cocktails, live-music and finger-licking bites, let there be brunch! Do you want to take part in the brunch some day? Keep an eye on their Facebook and who new we’ll be joining one together soon!