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Off to Lisbon!

Lisbon was one of those cities that I have wanted to visit for a long, looong time already! March seemed like an excellent opportunity to visit this city. Nice temperature, not too hot, not too cold, not too crowded with tourists and it just seemed right to charge myself with some free days off. My retour ticket AMS-LIS was a nonstop flight with KLM for around €200,-. Lisbon, here we come!

Lisbon over Porto? Let’s find out the differences!

The Lift – Boutique Hotel

During our days in Lisbon, we stayed at the Lift – Boutique Hotel. Right in the middle of the city center. The location was +++. The hotel was looking very nice on pictures. In reality it was pretty good as well. The hotel was clean and the staff were friendly. Breakfast was basic. Please do not expect to much on this. I ate every morning some oats with hot milk. It was a good way to start the day and during the day you will be tempted to taste all kinds of goodies.


Breakfast hotspot | Dear Breakfast

The first place we went after our arrival was Dear Breakfast. We liked the idea that you can have brunch here all day long, everyday. Also, the interior was bright, light and minimalistic. And the best of all, they served pink lattes! We ordered a plate with a salmon sandwich, avocado and egg, banana bread and pink lattes, of course. Unfortunately, that latte did not go as planned. The machine was broken down and they couldn’t heat up the milk. So, one cold cappuccino and a fruit smoothie for me. The staff was a little chaotic. It was pretty busy and apparently I’m not the only one who knew about this cafe. The food was nice though!


Lunch hotspot | Bowls & Bar

From now on, I will recommend everyone to go here for breakfast, lunch, coffee, anything! This hotspot is without doubt my favorite one in Lisbon, located in a nice neighborhood. The people here were very pleasant, the menu was varied and the food was amazing. Thereby, this place is full of nice details. It is very inspiring. We ordered a tuna bowl and a rice bowl. We were amazed at the low prices. The fish was incredible fresh and there was a lot of fresh vegetables in it as well. For a plate you pay €8,-. Amazing!

Diner hotspot | A Cevicheria

This is a spot you can almost dream about when you are preparing some nice places to eat. Every single blog will guide you to this restaurant. But, it’s definitely not without a good reason. The food is honestly really good! The service is very nice and the prices are reasonable. In short: a very good excuse to visit A Cevicheria and try new dishes. We ordered the special menu, combined by them. It was a good choice. We enjoyed the interior with the huge octopus above us, we drank wine and shared plates. A big yes if you ask me!

Diner hotspot | Forno D’Oro

Feeling more like Italian tonight? Then do not doubt and visit Forno D’Oro in Lisbon. I’ve found this place by Google and could not think of a better restaurants to end our holiday. The restaurant is located just outside of the city center. But, worth a visit. The area around is a nice neighborhood to walk around. There is a good atmosphere. Be sure that you have notice that the restaurant will open at 7 o’clock. By the time we arrived we had to wait for 10 more minutes to come in. That was a bit unpleasant but hey, the weather was great so we have waited. The moment we entered, we were overwhelmed by the nice smell of Italian herbs. Welcome to Forno D’Oro. There were my company ordered some pizza, I got the pasta. Both were very delicious. It was a evening of good conversations and good food in a nice interior. I would requirement this restaurant if you are into Italian for a day!

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