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Off to London!

Once in a while I really like to visit London. I can think of a million reason why to go there. But the easiest way to ask yourself is why you should go. It is a short flight, a cheap flight, a fun trip, surprisingly innovative and London is loaded with trendy food hotspots. Are you looking for the best places to have breakfast, lunch and dinner? Below I have listed my top 3 hotspots during lunchtime. Also, I will share my good hotel experiences I had with you.

Enjoy London!

The Sanctuary House Hotel

London is a big city. There is a whole world out there waiting to be found. It’s good to ask yourself where you want to go during your stay. Because I like the neighborhood between the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, I chose for and hotel in this location. Also, I am a big fan to I was warmly welcomed and the service was above average. Personal, cozy but professional.I definitely recommend this hotel. Another big plus was the breakfast. I could choose my own favorite from a big list with several options. American pancakes, English Breakfast, Smoked Salmon with Toast. I am convinced that your favorite option is in between as well.

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Breakfast hotspot | Timmy Green

Timmy Green is part of the Daisy Green collection who brings you five different cafes and restaurants. By far Timmy Green became my personal favorite! It was the ultimate place to sit down for a moment and take a deep breath. The interior was very peaceful to me. They serve all kinds of sweetness. Buttomless brunch with mimoma’s or banana bread sandwich with mascarpone, berries, honey & almonds or the Spicy tuna tostadas with avocado & yuzu cream. Sounds good don’t it?


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Lunch hotspot | Redemption

Located in the middle of Nothing Hill, a huge variety of healthy items on the menu, served on marble tables. That sounds like a lot of yes, don’t it!? Their motto is ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’, and their ethos is rooted firmly in caring for the planet, its animals, and ourselves. I like that a lot. Go find out what I eat!


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Brunch hotspot | Blixen

Located next to the Old Spitalfields Market in a converted bank, Blixen is a restaurant in the style of the European grand cafés, with a focus on beautiful design, consistent quality and the true spirit of hospitality. I had the pancakes with blueberry on top, next to it and inside.Beside we had some side dishes. Fingerlicking good!


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