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Off to Los Angeles!

Los Angeles, one of the cities that I have already met a couple of years a go. September 2017, I went over for the second time in my life. And I have to admit, I liked what I saw. I believe that you should get to know this city before you can make a judgment about it. It is a big world out there with a lot of things to do. During my second stay I really started to like the city. In this blog I mention a list that I advise you to do, where to eat and where to sleep. Enjoy!


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Hotel | LOEWS Hotel

You have hotels and you have hotels. And this, ladies and gents, is what you call a Hotel. Wauw. I honestly have no negative points to name here. Location A+++, Service A+++, Room A+++ and Facilities A+++. They blowed me away.

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Lunch hotspot | Carrera Cafe

It wasn’t by change that I stop by at Carrera Cafe. No, it was all according to my plans. I’ve met Carrera Cafe before, but not in real life. I saw it passing by through my Instagram feed. They serve you customized lattes in the cutest place of Los Angeles. By the time I step inside I know I was in the right place.

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Brunch hotspot | The Butcher’s Daughter

Yes! I think I chose my favorite restaurant. The Butcher’s Daughter in LA is located in one of the most amazing streets in LA,  called the Abbot Kinney Blvd. We were lucky by the time we came inside, because it wasn’t that busy yet. After 15 minutes of our entrance the storm started to run. Many people came inside and all seats were gone by the wind. logical, because you’re sitting there and the menu is bursting with delicacies.

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Lunch hotspot | Snug Harbor

A cute and timeless place where you can have an old-fashioned and cozy brunch. Do not expect fancy dishes and just forget about the healthy trends when you come inside. Sit down, relax and enjoy your food!


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Dinner hotspot | Robata Jinya

I have eaten at this restaurant twice. At two different locations, fortunately. But it pleased me so much that I radiated with happiness when we happened to meet him for the second time. It was a good excuse to try the other dishes I have not tried in the first time.

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Burger hotspot | In ‘N Out Burger

Okay, I’ll admit it. This one is not the most classic restaurant I’ve been during my stay in California. But my, oh my! It’s a important place that you can not skip during your visit. Oh right, and super cheap!

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Theme Park | Disneyland

Jup, far in my twenties but still a sucker when it comes to Disney. No doubt about that. We bought our tickets in the Netherlands to cross the line in the USA. That was helpfull. For 20 extra dollars you can walk through all lines. A lovely day with a spectacular end.

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