Lucardi | A special Valentines gift

Having a hard time to found the perfect Valentines gift? Or don’t know what you want to ask your love? Don’t worry! I just find the perfect Valentines gift for each of you, including myself.


Can you imagine a better present than a ring, during Valentine’s day? Well I can’t. So I looked for a ring. Classic, timeless, shiny, gold and with some subtle diamonds. It was a requirements list that my ring had to possess. In the end I found this ring. Directly from the brochure of Lucardi. Exactly as I had in mind. The 14 carat golden ring has 11 diamond cut stones with a diamond quality of P3 G/H. Click on the picture for further details. It was a huge offer that I could not resist. It was from €299,- that was now offered for €99,-. And if that was not enough, on Thursday evening a discount of 20% was given. So it cost me €80,-. This ring is mine baby!


Never had I ever such a fast delivering like this. Thursday evening I’d order my ring. And guess what, the day after I’ve got an e-mail that my ring was ready for me. I didn’t knew that they will be that fast, so I choose the pick-up point at their store. I love it when online shops have a fast delivery. I even got a small bracelet with it for free, worth seven euros. It was an extra gift of Lucardi. It is sweet, I like that!


Whether you give this ring to yourself or give someone the instructions to give it to you, you will be the lucky owner of this beauty! If you are giving the ring to someone else, don’t forget to write some sweet words to that special person. During Valentines day everyone is just a little more sentimental then usual. That doesn’t mind. You must know how to play well. Score those points


Do you want to order this ring for yourself? Or are you looking for something other than a ring and don’t have the time to buy it instore? At Lucardi you can order the gift today, and receive it the next day, or the day after. Ideal for our busy lifestyle. This link from Lucardi Juwelier will guide you to the website of Lucardi and through this link you’ll find all rings of Lucardi Juwelier. Enjoy! You are so worth it!