Lula Deli & Grill | Lula Deluxe for two


First let me tell you about the area of Lula Deli & Grill, because it isn’t very close located to the center of Berlin. Because we were here by car, it wasn’t a big deal to come over here but it might takes some extra effort to go to this place by public transport. But the good thing is, you won’t find that much of tourists here. Lovely side note: not only the terrace it looking great, they also put a lot of effort in the interior of the inside. It was very clean, beautiful and full of details. The pictures won’t lie.


The reason of our visit at Lula Deli & Grill is because of their Sunday Brunch. It very popular to have brunch on Sundays in Berlin and luckily for me, there are many restaurants that participate. So also Lula Deli & Grill. Yes, yes, yes! By the time I arrive (around 10:30), the whole terrace was full of people who were enjoying their brunch plates. The terrace looked cozy and fun. We took the first seat that come free and ordered two coffee to begin with.


So whenever you’ll visit Berlin, make sure you will be visiting Lula Deli & Grill on Sundays! We ordered the Lula Deluxe for two. Just look at the pictures below. Doesn’t it looks beautiful? Well, it tasted as beautiful as it looks. Yum!