MaMa Kelly | fancy hotspot hidden in industrial

Mama Kelly

Just when you think you’re lost, you can see in the distance, hidden around the corner, the nicest spot of the Hague. Since 2015, this restaurant opened in a very special location in The Hague, the industrial area. At the edge of this city, MaMa Kelly is located in the former boiler house of De Caballerofabriek. This location was even so hidden that you might wonder if you might have been mistaken by address. If you at this point, you know you’re in the right neighborhood.

The interior

Once you have entered a step you start to get it. Finally, now you see why this hotspot is this much on your instagram feed. It’s not just the menu, MaMa Kelly is a pleasure for actually all the senses you own. The high ceilings, the ultimate contrast between the old original features of the property and the new elements and the amazing details you just can not stop looking at. Are you setting up your house? Go here, you’re inspired to your table!

The food

Yes, of course, you will almost forget why you are here. The food! Don’t forget to eat! Let’s go to the table. I suggest you to make a reservation before visiting. Otherwise, you might be send away.  Well, we were lucky to be placed on the “nice” side of the restaurant. And what I mean by that, you will only understand when you’ve been there. The pictures below will give you a sneak peek.

The menu

The menu, I would like to tell you about it, but at MaMa Kelly they do not like difficulties. There are several starters but after this it’s up to you. Chicken or Lobster. Going for chicken? They give you the opportunity to marinate the chicken as classic, spicy, oriental and garlic. The lobster also could be eaten the classic way, with garlic, lemon or thermidor. There is one more decision that needs to be made. Do you want the chicken/lobster half or the whole part? And believe me, together with some fries and salad, half a chicken or lobster is more than enough.


First you come in with lots of sunshine, then you leave in the dark. Times flies when you’re having fun!