Man met bril koffie | where the coffee is their secret


Don’t go believe every men with glasses is smart!





By the time we’ve arrived here, we have received a warmly welcome by the open doors at this amazing hidden place in Rotterdam. It’s a funny area in Rotterdam where you don’t really expecting any coffee bars like these. Man met bril koffie is just outside the center, which means you have to walk a few minutes to get there. But don’t worry, it’s just a nice 15-minute walk and I can promise you that it’s all worth it! Not only are the doors wide open to welcome you, there is also this amazing smell of freshly ground coffee and baked cakes. You’ll find all kinds of people in this place. Not only is this a great place to catch up with friends and family, it’s also a calming spot to work. They really responded to the ones who would like to work on their laptops because of the workable tables and the many sockets.


This place is run by people from Rotterdam, for people in Rotterdam. A funny side note is the fact the owner of this company (Paul Sharo), don’t want to sell his coffee to places outside Rotterdam. All the coffee you’ll get here, is homly roasted. On some days you can even see how the coffee is made. Below you’ll will have an image of the big machine where the magic happens. Coffee from Costa Rica, Ehtiopie, Brazillie, Colombia, El Salvador, they have it all! When you’ll order a coffee, you will find a little side note with all the information from your coffee. It’s really cute and interesting as well. This way they distinguish themselves from the rest of the coffee bars.


So the conclusion for everybody who will visit Rotterdam sooner or later. Don’t forget to stop by for a whole coffee experience. Also, you can combine your visit with lunch here. There are a several lunch options on the menu, next to the delicious cakes and sweets.