MarrakeZ | having lunch in a fairy tail


Longing for a moment for yourself? A moment of relaxing, a little escape from your daily routine in life? At Marrakez you’re at the perfect location. Before I was visiting this spot in Haarlem, I just went on a citytrip to Marrakesh and when I came in at this place it felt like I was back again. What a great welcome! This colorful décor, the warmly colored wallpaper and the relaxed atmosphere make you feel very welcome. The stained glass, the deep red flowers, the soft prints. There are so many great details to look at.

The interior

In addition to the cultural imitation, they have been working hard to compensate that culinairy experience and they have achieved it! Let’s start telling you about all those differents tea they have on the menu. There is no place to in Marrakesh where you are welcomed without a cup of tea. In the Maroccan culture it is a symbol of hospitality. At Marrakez, they have a separate card with many teas, and should this be just what a tea lover like me want when it’s cold outside! Fresh mint and rose buds, ginger or lemon. I’m sure you will find you own favorite flavor
PS, try “1001 night”, my favorite!

The menu

And then we have the foodmenu, wow! Yes we enjoyed! In advance we had made a reservation for an afternoon tea. We did not know what we could expect. But only the fact that it would consist  a selection of savory and sweet dishes with a teapot of your choice. Look below, doesn’t that look awesome!? We were really surprised.

As you might have can see on the pictures above, we got a traditional Moroccan Harira soup which was super very tasty! Goat cheese mint rolls, two home-made scones, fresh pastries and pita bread. The pastry consisted of a cheesecake and a chocolate cake. Nothing to the detriment of the chocolate cake but what was the cheesecake incredibly delicious! The cakes do not make them themselves, but they get them at a patisserie from Haarlem.

MarrakeZ, حتى في المرة القادمة !