Maurice coffee & knits | have you met Maurice?

Have you met Maurice?

Not just a coffeebar

Maurice Coffee & Knits is not just a regular coffee bar. It’s not just a coffee bar because it’s so much more than that. And that is the exact feeling this hotspot will give you. They want you to feel like home. The inspiration for this spot was the owner’s grandpa. And you may guess what his name is. Exactly, Maurice coffee & knits is called after his grandpa. It’s a spot where coffee and knits come together. Just imagine. Doesn’t that sounds like a cosy place you want to spent your time at? Maurice coffee & knits has his two locations. I chose to go to the one outside the city center (Cogels- Osylei 88) because in my opinion you will be surrounded with people who really love to come here instead of accidental visitors. It creates an ultimate atmosphere. And yes! They have this amazing terrace outside, but by the time I’d visit, the weather didn’t let me sit outside. So yes, I have to come back for sure.


There are sooo many cute details in tat Maurice coffee & knits that you can spend the whole morning or afternoon looking around here. You’ll find the most colorful flowers, the sweetest knits, the best crockery and oh, I’m not done yet. Have you see those coffees yet? The artistic breakkies? Their sweet soldier eggs? I told you so.. I suggest you to also visit their Instagram, they really rockin’ it! It’s a great place to get inspired as well. But luckely for us, the drinks and food tastes as good as it looked! What a great way to start your day. Did I already mentioned that there is a special brunch menu during weekends? It was a big surprise for me when I went by. Just go if you are in the opportunity!