Metro City Kitchen | breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks

Metro City Kitchen

The Metro City Kitchen in Utrecht. Since May 2018 the new acquisition of Utrecht. And not just one. In my opinion a real addition in this innovative city with an unique concept where business and casual people comes together. Whether you come for a quick breakfast, an extensive lunch or a social drink with friends.. the friendly staff of the Metro City Kitchen is there to give you a great experience.

The Location

Restaurant Metro City Kitchen is located at the Central Station of Utrecht and is therefore very well accessible for anyone who wants to visit them by public transport. I could easily combine my lunch meeting with going to the city center. All I had to do was to go outside the Central Station Hall and walk down the stairs. A large terrace caught my attention and the marble tables made me fall in love. This is where I will have my lunch.



The Interion

Interior goals to dream about. Metro City Kitchen has an excellent composition of the right colors together. There are different seating areas and a bar where you want to be. But that’s not all. The terrace is contagiously large and they have an open kitchen. Everything your heart desires. 

The menu

The menu is one of their elements that I absolutely come back for. This time I am lured by their delicious lunch menu but next time I go for the Fruit de Mer. Where do you have that today without paying the main prize? At Metro City Kitchen they use soft prices without sacrificing quality. My lunch dish consisted of a Salad of fresh Tuna with a delicious asian dressing. My table mate went for Eggs Benedict and on our table was a freshly baked bread with creamy butter.


All by all, I had an amazing experience and I will advise you to go here.