MICA | having coffee while shopping


Haven’t met MICA yet? Then get your act together and go! MICA is a small botanical surprise, hidden in a street in Haarlem you may not pass through in the first instance, but who is definitely worth a visit! In addition to a nice outdoor terrace you, can also find yourself a spot inside. Think marble table, velvet chairs and white Swedish details. Everywhere you’ll look you’ll find green plants. And do you know what’s the best of all? All plants are for sale! How nice is that? And all prices are very kindly. I gave one to myself as well.


The drinks

In addition to selling all those cozy plants and cacti, even the crockery are for sale here! Winning winning! At the first sip I was already fallen in love with the porcelain cups in which the coffee was served. What a pleasure! And only 5,50 euro for a small mug (15cl) and 7,50 euro for a big mug (22cl). And back to the content, because seriously.. how delicious is this coffee? At such moments, I realize how many difference there is in the many types of coffee. I wondered if it came through the Arla milk she used, the china cups or the coffee itself. Whatever it was, It was one of the nicest coffee I had in Haarlem!

The food

The menu was surprisingly extensive and homemade! Banana porridge, spring granola, poached egg, cheese bagels ..Everything your heart desires. We went for the avocado sourdough toast and a classic toast with a lovely homemade dip. Pretty simple as you see but oh so tasty! I do not know what they are doing in that little kitchen but experimenting with taste sensations it is. And even though I had planned to order one of those delicious cakes afterwards, I was already satisfied. And by the way isn’t that the best excuse to come back again soon?