MichHALLE | easy like a Sunday morning


Sunday morning, it was my last day in Berlin. I’ve already met some great people and had eaten in a few great restaurants already. I had lunch with a Japanees twist, eat a coconut yoghurt bowl for breakfast and had the best salad for lunch and pasta for dinner. Everything was fine and I was almost ready to leave this great city. But, there was something missing on my list. We didn’t had bananabread yet and before I forget, I wanted to taste a sandwich the Berlin style. So I went to Milch Halle with a goal. Milch Halle is located in the Mitte District, which is a great point to start (our end, like I did) your trip in Berlin.


I have been told that Milch Halle is a regular meeting point where friend will catch up with each other and where travelers start their journey at. And I totally can imagine about that because it’s the great way to begin your trip. It’s located near to lot’s of beautiful monuments. Thereby, it’s the top of Berlin, so you can travel all the way down afterwards. When I came in, there was this great music at the background that hit my immediately, it was a list of Yann Tiersen. I could’t think of a better Sunday morning. We ordered a Soy Latte Macchiato and a Soy cappuccino with bananabread and this good looking Egg sandwich. Oh my we enjoyed it sooooo much! The bananabread is homemade and super sweet without that much sugar. This Egg sandwich you’ll see below is a typical style of sandwich, which you’ll see a lot in Berlin. I’d have to admit, this sandwich was absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, we don’t really have those kind of structure in the Netherlands. And it you think there is, please tell me! Otherwise I have to visit Berlin again.


And just when we want to go outside to end our trip in Berlin, they surprised us with this super healthy carrot-ginger juice. It was a bit spicy because of the ginger but really fresh and healthy. You’ll have two option, a green one and the orange juice that we had. All by all, we had a really great experience at Milch Halle. The location, the atmosphere, food, drinks and especially the friendly people who served us. After my visit I can imagine that people will come back here time after time. Thank you for the lovely Sunday!