Moki’s Goodies | a romantic brunch for two


When I was looking for a nice spot where I could have brunch for two, Moki’s Goodies come across my timeline. There were so many goodies that I’ve became very curious. And that reminds me of the origin of the name, Moki’s Goodies. Monika, which is the founder of this place, told me this funny story about her daughter. When her daughter was still a baby she couldn’t say her name Monika. Instead of Monika she called her mother Moki, which I find is very cute. Beside, Monika is always experimental with lil items, products and ingredient’s that she was naming “goodies”. So that merged made the name Moni’s Goodies. I find it fascinating and it makes the place very personal. As personal as the candles that are on the table next to my hand written name card after I made a reservation. So cute!


Whatever you are a big fan of, they have it on their menu. For sure. And the funny thing is, almost everything is home-made! How great is that? There are many many options during the breakfast and lunch. I couldn’t resist their yogurt with home-made granola and fruits and my friends had the same with these wafles. Afterwards, Monika tells us that we definitely have to try their shared platter. We didn’t finished the yogurt because there was coming some more. And luckily we did not eat it all because what she brought us, was amazing! Before I tell you more about the food and showing you some pictures of it, I have to tell you about the service. The owner of the place is absolutely the best. She is sweet, she has empathy for you and she will make you feel at home. Thank you again Monika!


Sooo, did I mentioned that everything is home-made over here? Just look at these pictures, so good. Little sun side note: you can buy their granola, which I did! Yum!


I never used the word, but I guess this is what they name: foodporn. It’s like a small plate of heaven. It is healthy, fresh, home-made, there is love inside, passion, colors and a great taste. Together with their freshly baked bread I will guarantee you that you are stuff for the whole day. Or well, at least until dinner. Promised!


That I will come back here some day might not be a surprise to you. It was such a great experience. And beside, my granola was already finished the first week I came home. I have to refill this one, never had a granola like this. And of course, I HAVE to try these balls below during I moment I did not just had breakfast and lunch in one.