N.A.P. | Gatronomic piece of amsterdam


N.A.P. Bloemendaal. A Gastronomic piece of Amsterdam at the Kerkplein in Bloemendaal, as the two owners call it themselves. Jimmy and Jordy have gained a lot of knowledge over the years about the horeca life in Amsterdam and beyond. With a good distribution in the kitchen and service they deliver you an unique experience in Bloemendaal. All contemporary and modern dishes pass by on the menu with attention to fish, vegetables and season.


The Location

Restaurant N.A.P. can be found on the main street of Bloemendaal. The restaurant is located in the quiet part of this street. Together with the neighbors they steal the show with a remarkably spacious terrace. With a wide choice of outside seats, you can also choose to sit inside. Inside, the restaurant is stylishly decorated with beautiful shades of blue and wooden details. In the middle is an artistic painting that you can not miss. Heavy colors without taking away the attention of the interior layout.

The Interior

The former building of restaurant Terra have transformed into a true acquisition of Bloemendaal. With an excellent combination of chic elements and vibrant colors, they are able to please the guest best. As a visitor of N.A.P., you will be pampered. There where you go in an artistic environment, the restaurant lets you taste new sensations. Wait until you order the dessert. With a nicely carved cart they come to you to make the choice yourself. It is not just the tasty dishes on the menu. It is the total picture for which you want to come back.

The Menu

Let me start with what I find very surprising about N.A.P. I find it very nice that the lunch card does not differ from the dinner menu. This way I do not feel that I miss a shared of the dishes in the afternoon. The dishes on the menu can be used in both the afternoon and evening. You choose. Good to know is that the dishes are small and that it is customary to order a sample of those plates. I chose the restaurant to decide because I can not make choices from so many tasty dishes. That, on the other hand, was one of the best choices I made that day. We started with a vegetarian oyster with passion fruit and oyster leaf. I almost believed it was a real oyster. Then we were surprised with a celeriac tartar with delicious anchovies cream. After that my favorite vegetables were served. Puffed carrot.Than we were surprised with a bovine tri-trip with a baby bok choy.


as if this was not enough, the dishes continued. Tarbotine in its best form. Crispy and incredible tasty. You think that was it? Think again! The dessert. We were allowed to choose our own from a beautiful fancy table. One dessert even more beautiful than the other. Made with a lot of passion. Which one would you choose?