Off to New York!


There is no city in the world that has stolen my heart like New York City has. I become spontaneously happy when I drive along the New York skyline. When I stand on times square my heart starts to beat faster and I can enjoy this busy city that never sleeps. In addition, many restaurants such as those in other cities will not find. Inspirations everywhere.


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Sightseeing | Brooklyn Bridge

Sightseeing | Breakdance

Sightseeing | Skyline Walk

Sightseeing | Central Park

Sightseeing | Moma


Lunch hotspot | The Butcher’s Daughter

This was my first acquaintance with the butcher’s daughter. And I loved what I saw. A place where the real bloggers come. Not only can you enjoy breakfast here, the place is also an absolute must-go! Located in a trendy neighborhood in Manhattan you will not regret your choice.


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Lunch hotspot | Jacks Wife Freda

Imagine a sunny day in the beautiful Manhattan. Weekend, no rushed people around you. Only companions who want to celebrate life just like you. You’ve got the last spot on the terrace and the waffles you ordered are delivered. Let the enjoyment begin

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 Lunch Hotspot | Le Pain

By chance we walked through the hip neighborhood where a fancy market encountered during the weekend. No plan, just walking around and we’ll see what comes after that .. After a while we got hungry and the good time came for a nice lunch. We ran into Le Pain and enjoyed a lunch.

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Oyster hotspot | Sel Rose

This place is one of the loveliest way to start your evening. Everyday. It’s located in an area where you might not expect a place like this. Just outside the Italian quarter named Little Italy, you will find this fancy spot Sel Rose. Oh psst, oysters for 1 dollar. Sounds good?

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Coffee hotspot | Sweets by Chloe

Hungry for a cookie? Of course you are! Got your camera with you? Go!

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