Pistache Cafe | where breakfast became art


The interior

Once you have caught a glimpse of this fine cafe on the corner of Prinsenstraat in the Hague, you are fallen in love. You are literally drawn in by the fresh colors, the modern furniture and the large glass window that will invite you to peek inside. Once inside, your enthusiasm is confirmed extra. Everywhere you look you’ll find the finest details. On the wall, ceiling and on the tables. The green paper on the walls, the golden mirrors, the basic pears on the ceiling.. Small moments of luck everywhere!

The menu

When you realize once that you have come in here with a purpose, namely breakfast, the moment is when you start looking at the menu. Again a moment supreme. Too late for breakfast? Impossible! Breakfast all day in this place! And again, a happy moment for us! Sweet potato pancakes, pumpkin waffles, Greek yohgurt with granola, Açaí bowl .. anything you can dream of, they have it! For your boyfriend who no longer wants a breakkie at 14:00, is also thought. Sandwiched Avocado, Carpaccio, Roasted Bell pepper hummus, Paninis or Salads. There is also something between him that makes him just as happy. Promised. Because he too can be spoiled, provided he has done his best to put you in the picture at the window! P.S. the coffees here are definitely recommended, yum!

The food

Of course I mention the food already, because it was fan-foodie-tastic! Because I was in The Hague for a weekend, I have desided to have breakfast at Pistache. That was a good decision.  Açaí bowl for me, Greek yogurt for him.


Love to come here again. I would prefer everyone to go here when traveling to the Hague.