PLUK | a piece for everyone


There are so many good reason for visiting Pluk Amsterdam, because it’s not just a lunchspot. No, it’s so much more than that! From nice visits during breakfast or lunchtime to a department where they sell you the nicest products from sweet interior stuff, great notebooks and nice phone cases. And wherever you wanna go in this spot, everything here is instagrammable.

The location

Once  you stop by and came inside this spot,  there are a few things going on in here. First of all, the fantastic interior that gives your mood a boost immediately. Fresh lighted colors of fruit, covered with colorful flowers and the most beautiful cakes and sweets on the counter.

The menu

After a while, we’ve finally cut the knot and I decided what we want to have from the menu. I took the carrot cake with a homemade icetea and my friend went for a piece of banana cake with a cappuccino. While the end of the day was coming closer,  and lunch time was already over, it became clear to us that we need to redo PLUK quickly for their lunchmenu. I already saw some dishes which took my full attention. Think acaibowl for breakfast or smashed avocado with poached egg for lunch! Because we had this nice spot in the center of Pluk, we had a nice view over the ground floor for free. Sweet!


Our coffee date almost came to an end and so we took our stuff together, treat ourselves to a new phone case and took a mirror selfie. Thank you PLUK! You were amazing.