Poké Perfect | where babes and bowls come together

Poke Perfect

Poke perfect .., I remember that I found the name rather tricky in the beginning. Tricky, until I have tasted my first poke bowl in Utrecht. Poke Perfect, WOW! Did they surprised me! I have often poke bowls ordered but this is my fave. I came by right after their opening. The signature dishes mainly consist of rice bowls and sushirritos. No less than 6 rice bowls from which you can choose from. After some deliberation I chose The Witzel. Salmon avocado, cucumber, mango, masago, spring onions, sesame seeds and the best Poké Ponzu sauce. That, in combination with a Juice Carrot & Jinger and sun! A big yes.

It’s all about the details

Nowadays the expectations of food in a restaurant are pretty high. In addition to the perfect combinations at food level, the interior details must also be coordinated. At Poke Perfect they have good taste. In addition to the fine taste sensations in the bowls, you go in a peak-fine environment at this chain. Despite the simple and fresh touch, the case counts enough details to give the character. So I became a fan of the rattan chairs at the window and around the tables. In addition, there is a fresh color on the wall and it is busy with botanical plants. Love it!

Cash Desk

The cash register is also located on the kitchen block where all poke bowls are freshly prepared. This is awesome to watch. The colors of all fresh vegetables look great and the bamboo sticks provide an Asian twist, fun to be played on guys!