Redemption | the place we start our city trip

Located in the middle of Nothing Hill, a huge variety of healthy items on the menu, served on marble tables. That sounds like a lot of yes, don’t it!? And from then on we had a plan. We have to go to Redemption, for sure!


Redemption Bar has a branch that’s a short walk from Notting Hill station (6 Chepstow Rd, London W2 5BH). In this area you’ll find a lot of fancy hotspots where you can go for lunch but start at Redemption first. When you will come inside, you’ll find yourself in a peaceful setting with some muted lights and a huge buddha in front of you. The service is really sweet and they will guide you to your table. Before our table was ready, we had to wait at the bar. It’s quite normal in London that all fancy restaurants are really full during lunchtime. Even when you will arrive there early. Just take the offer and sit down for a few minutes, while you are enjoying a cup of coffee.



Their motto is ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’, and their ethos is rooted firmly in caring for the planet, its animals, and ourselves. I like that a lot. They forget to tell you about the love they put inside, because I could really taste it. Each dish is made by a great chef without using too much of salt and pepper. Here you’ll get all kinds of pure ingredients. Thereby, it won’t cost you that much extra. All dishes range from £7 to £14 which is quite reasonable for fresh vegan food in fancy area’s like these. We went for the option Creamy Mushrooms on Toast and the Buff Burger. Yummy!



I will stay here a little longer and enjoy their coffee. Thank you Redemption, you were nice!