Robata Jinya | Asian shared dining

Robatayaki, often shortened to just robata, refers to a cooking method of traditional Japanese cuisine, where an array of skewered meats, vegetables and fish are grilled over charcoal to perfection. Traditional robatayaki is served directly to guests on a large Shamoji, a large wooden paddle, which Robata symbolizes JINYA’s logo. This traditional serving style has become dated and has slowly gone down after its peak 40-50 years ago.


The location

Robata Jinya is located on the 8050 W.3rd St in Los Angeles. My personal favorite street in LA. It suffocates from hip clothing stores, fancy coffee shops and luxury restaurants. It is close to the farmer market which is certainly worth a visit before.

The interior

The interior is as you expect from a Japanese restaurant. darkly arranged with warm elements and wooden tables. We were lucky to score the last table on the terrace.

The menu

The food was really tasty. Healthy items, Japanese prepared vegetables and new dishes. I enjoyed the roasted cauliflower and roasted chickpeas.