Restaurant Oliva | Italian food in the Witte De With

Restaurant Oliva

Are you looking for a good Italian restaurant in Rotterdam? A culinairy night out where you are pampered from head to toe? At Restaurant Oliva in Rotterdam, they will do their best to send you home with a feeling of satisfaction. If it is not the knowledgeable waiters, then it is the culinary delights that will bring you back to this amazing place in the Witte de With. 

Located in one of the nicest streets of Rotterdam, you’ll find restaurant Oliva. A surprising experience that tastes like you want to have more. Once inside, it makes you want to taste everything that is on their menu. I went on adventure and this is what I thought.

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The Location

Eating in the Witte De With street is like driving over the Pacific road. You must have done it at least once a lifetime. Located in the somewhat more quiet part of the famous Witte de With street in Rotterdam, restaurant Oliva is there. Because in the seventies there were many dubious cafes and illegal gambling houses in the Witte de With street, it wasn’t known for its cleanliness. It had a bad reputation. Nowadays the street is still bursting with cafés, restaurants and museums. It has boosted its image considerably and tourists even come from far to experience Rotterdam’s finest hotspots themselves. A definitely must go!

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The Interior

Restaurant Oliva is just decorated differently than you would expect from a classic Italian. More light, fresh colors and an interactive open kitchen. What is especially evident in restaurant Oliva, is the green olive colors inside. You will see this color later on in your dishes. A beautiful detail that you will not find that, are the painted curtains on the wall. Although the wall is empty of paintings, this is a subtle and special way of decoration.

The Menu

Do you like pure and original ingredients? Are you a fan of Italian cuisine and can you appreciate traditions? Then this will be a match made it heaven for you. An interesting fact is that restaurant Oliva selects all its products with care. They give extra attention to their suppliers who in turn make them happy with the very best products. And you will notice that as soon as you start eating. Or drinking – for example – they know where to get the nicest Italian wines. They get their daily fresh portion of fish from Yerseke and have found a biological grower in Dordrecht for the most tasty vegetables. Love, passion and craftsmanship are of paramount importance for restaurant Oliva. 

The Food

Eating at restaurant Oliva is heaven. Everyday they serve a brand-new daymenu. In advance you will be surprised with a glass of bubbles, olives and fantastic freshly baked bread. In the oil dip there is a hint of garlic, very tasty. Then there is asked for any allergies and / or wishes before the surprise menu starts. First a dish with fresh tuna on a bed of beetroot and roasted peppers. This dish came together with pastrami of venison and parsnip. Then a fresh soup of cucumber, fried mozzarella and a deep-fried iberigo chorizo is served ​​with a spicy aftertaste. A delicious tortelloni with gorgonzola, beet and pecan know how to impress. 

But the menu continued.. It got better and better. A dish that you really have to taste? The redfish with octopus and seasonal vegetables. Or what do you think of an oven-baked apple with cinnamon ice cream? Heaven. Wait until it is time for coffee at restaurant Oliva. This is the moment of the Dutch, but Italian-speaking waiter. He will take you to Italy for a moment. Just ordering a cappuccino will not work for him. You are going to drink espresso as the Italians do. If you’ll like it or not. Pure with a scoop of sugar.  Do not stir! said the waiter, but drink. Then fill the cup with the remaining sugars and Grappa.

The Service

Arrived at the last part of the evening, the sweet and nice service. We are warmly welcomed at restaurant Oliva. The three waiters who walked around the restaurant are knowledgeable and enthusiastic and always in for a chat. Some dishes are even brought by the chefs themselves. This makes it extra special. The restaurant brings a nice atmosphere and you go home with some nice Italian facts (next to your full stomach of course).

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